The company

Impact is a management consulting company founded in 2008, focused on the turnaround, restructuring and relaunch of businesses in serious decline or in crisis, with the aim of safeguarding continuity and ensuring, as much as possible, a solid and sustainable recovery in value.
The founder, Mario Masciocchi, Economist and Manager, has over 40 years of important experience at the head of companies, first in leading multinationals, then in large Italian industrial corporations and finally at the helm of medium- sized to large groups, mostly family-owned.

Impact carried out restructuring operations in companies of various sizes, from those with sales of
25 million to those generating 350 million.

Impact evolved in 2013 with self reorganization and partnerships with Studio Palmeri, Bologna - expert advisor on taxation, corporate finance and debt restructuring - and Vertus-Partners in Restructuring, Milano. In 2014 joined ERS - EUROPEAN RESTRUCTURING SOLUTIONS, a European organisation dedicated to enterprise value preservation by identifying and implementing value saving changes consensually with and for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Impact has a proven experience of taking over Board and management duties and provides Change Management and Performance Improvement services.

Impact has a recognized reputation in dealing with H.R. downsizing solid relations with involved stakeholders e.g. public bodies, unions.

The long time introduction with domestic and foreign PE funds allows Impact to help companies in overtaking difficult situations.